Monday, July 09, 2007

More Reviews from the Interwebs

The Rorschach company consistently invokes a feeling of uneasiness throughout the work — we're never quite sure about the reliability of our narrator, Jorie (Jjanna Valentiner), or whether to fully trust the charming but creepy Gus (a wry, winning Brian Hemmingsen), who may or may not be a mere homeless man. Its actors also warm us to less than endearing characters — prime examples include Nanna Ingvarsson, who plays Rhea as self-aware Norma Desmond with a touch of the sardonic, and Tim Getman, who makes us feel for snobby, superficial James even at his most offensive moments. - Missy Frederick - DCist

Missy at DCist has written a well thought out review of birds and once again theater criticism comes down to a matter of taste. Like Glen Weldon in The City Paper review, Missy has found the heart of this story and while she comments on some roough edges, she also sees the potential of this new work.

New work that needs to be supported. The way you do that is by coming out and seeing the show. Remember we have three performances this week. Now that most of the reviews are in, I can start turning my attention to other blog worthy material. Like did I mention we just picked Rorschach Season 8? And I still have a couple of more Get to Know me pieces I need to get through this week. So keep on coming back for all the Rorschach news you have come to expect and love!

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