Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fourth of July Prep and Post Review

There was worse news in the Post today then Peter Marks' review of birds. Beverly Sills passed away. Terrorist cells are now using doctors and medical students in attempts to take lives instead of save them. And our "leader" decided to bring the nation even lower by commuting the sentence of one of his cronies.

Here is the nice thing Peter said:

The production's hero is its set designer, Jacob S. Muehlhausen, who has ingeniously loaded into the church sanctuary an abstracted Manhattan streetscape of newsprint and what look like Xerox images of office buildings. The evening's cleverest surprise is the manner in which Muehlhausen shifts the action to James and Jorie's inner sanctum.

4th of July Safety Guide

So not to change the topic but here are some quick reminders for 4th of July Safety:

1. Fireworks are fun, but dangerous. Do not store them in the trunk of your car or near open flames. And for God's sake get that thing out of your mouth.

2. Know when to say when. And I don't just mean if you are driving. If you find yourself at a party talking about how hot it is, over and over again you have had too much. And I can promise you someone will eventually hit you.

3. Sun screen. Lots and lots of sun screen. And a hat. Maybe a mosquito net and some sort of goggles.
4. Avoid the temptation to make jokes about hot dogs. Yes we all know what they are shaped like, you don't have to remind anyone and the chortle to yourself.

Follow these 4 easy rules and you should be able to avoid trips to the emergency room this year.

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