Monday, July 16, 2007

My Plan for Fringe Coverage

Hello friends and well wishers!

Quick does anyone else see the resemblance between this City Paper theater critic and this cartoon drawing from the Fringe Guide? I grant that the nose on the drawing is a little broader and the brows heavier, but I am not one to take coincidences as coincidences. Judge for yourself. Now onward!

birds is my number one priority. You should see it with all speed and expediency. I think it is a show worth seeing and that you do yourself a great disservice if you don't see this rare show.

That being said I would be remiss in my duties, if I didn't mention that there is a Fringe Festival going on for the next two weekends and that means there is a lot of theater to see. Some of it created by some of our own Rorschach Alums. There is something special about this kind of theater. A sense of immediacy that doesn't exist in theaters that have their seasons picked two or three years in advance.

Performers flood the town for a couple of weeks in the summer and then are gone. Some of these shows will continue to go from place to place trying to find an audience where as others have all the life expectancy of the three or four performances that they will have in the next two weeks.

Budgets are low, but talent and committment are high. Tomorrow I will start running blurbs and images from some shows that I do not know personally on the whole but that I think deserve a shout out somewhere on the web. I encourage all of you to visit the Capital Fringe page for more information on all the Fringe Shows. Get out there and see theater. But see birds first.

Look for more tomorrow.

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Hee...hee...strange coincidence indeed...very strange.