Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Country Heard From

Well the press continues to weigh in on birds. Above is the first banner ad we have ever run on the City Paper site. It ran for a couple of days and I think it looked pretty cool while it was running.
Now onto what Glen Weldon said in The City Paper. The long and the short is that he liked a lot of what he saw. He dedicates 5 paragraphs to a particular scene in the play which he absolutely thinks is amazing. But he then discusses the rest of his feelings, which I can best sum up as being a bit let down. Here is the juciest bit that gives credit to an incredible cast of actors:
Every actor steps up. Valentiner’s Jorie is believably steely, intelligent, and in control until exactly the moment when she’s not anymore, and she makes that transition work. As Gus, the bear of a homeless man who knows more than he’s telling, Brian Hemmingsen exudes warmth but lets us see something dangerous behind his eyes. Marissa Molnar’s portrayal of a young prostitute known only as “A” is affecting and unsentimental. And as the evil, cackling witch Rhea, whose mysterious hold over Jorie’s mind and memory drives the narrative, Nanna Ingvarsson is having a ball. She’s doing a full-tilt Norma Desmond, lifting her grimacing face to the sky while her arms undulate slowly, menacingly, like charmed snakes. She switches from seething malice to annoyed distraction in the blink of an eye, and it gets a laugh every time. - Glen Weldon- The City Paper
There will be a few more reviews rolling in but I just wanted to draw your attention to an article that ran in the Examiner yesterday in the business section. Missy Frederick, DCist theater critic and Examiner Business Reporter who did that wonderful article on small theater about a month back that quotes Jenny and Randy liberally, has written a piece on the end of The Shakespeare in Washington Festival. In here 6 months of Shakespeare wrap up in D.C. she gives Rorschach a quick shout-out for our production of Rough Magic back in January.
Have a great weekend everyone. And get out and see birds. There are shows tonight and tomorrow at 8pm.

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