Thursday, July 12, 2007

Help Me Help You Fringers

Some of you may have already gotten this in your in-box today, but I may have missed some of you so take a gander if you are Fringing this year.

Hello friends,

If you have received this than I either know, assume, suspect or kind of sort of think you may be involved in some sort of Fringe related production. If you know someone and like them enough to help them, please feel free to forward this on to them.

While I know the fine folks at the Fringe are doing a bang up job of advertising your shows, I also know that any extra advertising helps. Therefore I make you an advertising offer that costs you nothing.

Too good to be true?

Yes it probably is but you might as well trust me, you are reading this blog.

I would like to include an insert in the Rorschach program for birds with your Fringe Ads.

Also if you send me a short blurb and some photos of your show I will include them on the Rorschach Blog starting next week.

What do I expect in return?

Well very little really. Either:

If you have room in your program to run an ad for birds that would be all I ask.

or if you don't have room for an ad for birds, then hang a poster for birds in the lobby of your show (I will email you a pdf and you can print it out as many times as you like).

It is that simple.

If you would like to also distribute the insert I am creating for the Rorschach Program in your program just let me know and I will send you along whatever I end up producing.

Ads should be 3 1/2" wide by 3 " high and in jpg format.

Please be sure to include the dates of your show and any web information or phone numbers you would like to include.

If you would like to be featured on the Rorschach Blog just send a paragraph about your show, the show times and a picture and I will let you know when the information is going to be posted next week.

This is purely an independent project and therefore please do not bother the good folks at the fringe. Just bother me.

All the best,


Email me if you would like to get involved

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