Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reviews Start Coming In

And so it begins. There is an attitude among some in the business we call show, not to read the reviews. That it will make you doubt everything you do and if you believe the good ones then you will have to believe the bad ones as well. Over the years all of us at Rorschach have received our share of praise along with not-praise. It is when we take our biggest risks that we are sometimes lauded the loudest and also set ourselves up for the biggest disappointments.

All of that is a lead in to the fact that the reviews for Monster have begun to come in. There will be more in the coming days.

Washington Theatre Review offers a review of both adaptations in town, both ours and the two person affair at Roundhouse Silver Spring, featuring Rorschach Alum, Jesse Terrill. Here is some of the sweetness pouring our way from Ms. Debbie Jackson:

The entire production cackles with such moments of creativity, and Baker’s bloody fingerprints are on every scene. He keeps a laser-like focus on character-development, amazing use of space, even eerie lighting cues, all while commandeering a rollicking 90-minute show.

The review everyone waits for is the Post review and it came out today and while it heaps praise on many it also avoids heaping praise on others. Here are some of the choice bits that Mr. Marks had to share:

The invigorating source of disturbance is the big guy who's stitched together from exhumed arms, ears and kidneys. As played by the young, expressive actor Robert Rector, this creature out of our collective anxieties emits the requisite scent of the grave -- what you might call eau de crypt.

If I could just add to Peter Marks enthusiasm, Bobby Rector gives a powerhouse performance as the Monster of the title. The very real danger he embodies is a site to behold. The cast as a whole provides an evening of theatre that will make you shiver, but everyone knows why you really go to see a scary movie or play, it is to see what is hiding under the covers. And this Monster will be one you looking under the bed for when you get home.

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