Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fear the Eeyore

Those of you coming here today for the next installment of Ask the Cast will have to wait a day. Hotmail, that poster child for unreliability has blocked me from digging into the creamy goodness that is Jason Linkins's repsonses to his own questions. Instead I bring you word of another bit of written press goodness from The Washington Post and 2 for 1 Ticket Deal for this weekend.

First off Jeremy Goren and Bobby Rector do the MONSTER cast pround in a nice little feature in yesterday's Style Section over at the paper of record. Getting Inside Someone Else's Head
In 'Frankenstein' Redux, Acting From the Neck Up
, Jane Horowitz asks our dynamic duo of Corpse Re-animation what it takes to fill the shoes of literatures greatest God and Monster since Paradise Lost. Of special note is Jeremy recalling his previous DC role of Christopher Robin in Eeyore's Christmas Present at Adventure Theater. That tidbit was picked up by the good folks at Eeyore Fun News, where they have linked to the Post Article. If you folks at Eeyore happen to stop by on these pages of Adult Angst and Negativity, I hope you feel right at home. Thanks Jeremy and Bobby for representing.

On to the bargain I mention in Paragraph One. We are offering 2 for 1 Tickets this weekend for any of the performances of MONSTER. Just use the code word "FEAR" , call 1-800-494-TIXS and you and your honey can see the show and get out in time to do all the bar hopping you were planning on doing before you are forced to go home and once again hear about how well your brother is doing in dental school and how your nephew is doing now that they have figured out that he is allergic to papaya.

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