Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Scares

Captain I-Hate-Candy-Corn and Princess Rainbow Brite over saw the festivities at our special Halloween performance of Monster last night and while the reviews haven't come out here is what our friend the CityMouse had to say:

Saw Monster last night. Extremely spooky in the very best way possible. Many interesting ideas about god creating man creating god creating man. Stuff to think about and creepy sexual and familial scenes. Again, what more can one ask for?

Creepy facial hair too. On everyone, including Getman, who isn't even in the damn show, and Randy, who I think just didn't bother to shave. Lots of fun people there. And halloween candy goody bags to boot.

Just FYI Randy's not shaving was due to some sort of instruction from Dceiver regarding the World Series.

Many people came in the spirit of the season, including a couple of fairies, Wonderwoman and Woody from a Toy Story.

Here are some other shots of the party. Enjoy!

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