Friday, November 03, 2006

Review Lovin' and Holiday Plans

And a little more of the sweet sweet love that only the internet can deliver. From our favorite critic over at the DCist (unless you consider what Linkins does with the Red Skins critiquing), Missy Frederick adds to the choir of well wishers with her Monster review. Jenny says I can not use the following quote in our advertising, but here on the blog I rule supreme, so here is the quote of the day:

Monster is most riveting for displaying the way a family can be torn apart when one of its members is just a little bit off. It's a reality show starring an extended family that we actually want to watch: "Mom, There's A Body In The Basement." - Missy Frederick -DCist

Last night was nearly sold out ladies and gentlemen. Though I have to be honest that was because we were celebrating our Night of Free Theatre, but it was a full house and that means something to a cast who has only had one night off in a week.

Please book you tickets now! And might I suggest an interesting way of dealing with your out of town guests this Thanksgiving. Rorschach has four shows on Thanksgiving weekend. So pack up Aunt Hilda and Uncle Walter and bring them down to Casa del Pueblo on Friday 8pm, Saturday at 4pm, Saturday at 8pm or Sunday at 7pm. Or send them on a grand adventure into the City. Nothing says love and the holidays like sticking your cousins from Jersey on the Green Line and telling them to fiind their way to Columbia Heights and back on a holiday weekend.

As always tickets are available on-line here and at 1-800-494-TIXS.

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