Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Val Fenton Interrogated

Anne Hathaway is our Shakespeare's ever loving wife. In historical terms her life wasn't an easy one. Anne was stranded in Stratford while good old Will went all crazy and ran off to London to join the theatre.

Our Anne is played by first time Rorschach actor, Valerie Fenton. I took a couple of minutes to sit down and talk with Val about things and here are some of her responses.

1. If America were an all you could eat buffet, which dish would Arkansas be?

Jello-mold with Fruit

2. Have you ever had a Hernia?

Hernia? I never even met her.

3. Shoe size or nose size?

Shoe size? What are you talking about. Oh, I get it!

4. Snorks or Smurfs?


5. Did you kill man in Reno just to watch him die?

Did I or would I?

See its smart and interesting conversations like that which make down time at rehearsal so much fun.

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