Friday, October 07, 2005

Making the Post Card

Sometimes picking the right image for your show requires a lot of compromise and throwing away ideas that just seem to be going nowhere. Yesterday I posted the image which has been worked into the design for the post card for The Beard of Avon. During the process we went through 14 drafts in two days. It takes great patience to create something which not only looks good but which actually conveys what it is your show is about and will make people want to come and see it.

Phone calls, emails and IMs fly back and forth between artistic directors, marketing manager and layout designer trying to meet not just the goal of making a post card but something other people will look at and say "Hey, that is cool!"

It can be stressful and at times you may even have some bruised feelings along the way. The thing which has to be remembered is that everyone is working towards the same goal and no one wants to look ridiculous.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who helped create the image you see above. Grady for his tireless efforts to do the layout and work with the photos, even when it meant spending hours working on something which eventually was not used. Randy and Jenny for giving helpful notes and for withholding those notes until the were really needed. And thanks to Chris Maddaloni for working through less than ideal circumstances to get us the images we asked him to create on film.

Now its off to the printers and we shall see whether this Angelic Beast comes back as gloriously as it appears above.

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