Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Art of Funny

This is a note from Eric Singdahlsen explaining why exactly the title of the last post was funny. Eric is a Professor of Funny at Funny College in Funnyton, FU. Not the state school but the small private liberal arts college on the otherside of town. Enjoy!

"Hocus Focus" is a funny title, because it's kind of like "Hocus Pocus," except it's not. Scott took a word from photography and mixed it with a word we associate with magic to give a name to a magical photograph. "Pocus" and "focus" sound the same, which makes it funnier. "Camera-cadabra," for example, wouldn't be as funny. I hope this helps.


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Anonymous said...

I took a class from Professor of Funny at Funny College and it was the funniest class I've ever had at a University of Funny. Only Professor Eric could explain why this comment isn't at all funny.