Thursday, October 27, 2005

City Paper Chimes In

Props to the City Paper for the better pun/title this time around for a theatre review, "Avant Bard" vs. The Post's rather sad showing with the two shot: "Rorschach's 'Beard' Playfully Tweaks the Bard" and the interior "Rorschach's 'Beard of Avon,' a Comedy of Players." To be honest I feel that both Post headlines are really not worthy of the title pun competition. Maybe Professor Singdahlson can chime in here but what I think the Post was trying to do was use "Playfully" as a play on the fact that we are doing a play and then they follow it up on the inside with a rather botched reference to Comedy of Errors, replacing Errors with Players. If anyone else has better title please forward them to me so we can get them out there before someone else takes it.

Favorite City Paper Quote:

The Beard of Avon plays like a bunch of drunk Shakespeareans putting together an uncommonly clever episode of Saturday Night Live, and I meant that as compliment.

-Trey Graham

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Anonymous said...

The word "tweak" comes from the Middle English "twikken" which means to turn (someone) into a witch. Ergo, the Post's title is mildly hysterical on several levels, the most obscure being this reference to witchcraft, and hence, to Halloween. Witches were often known to have beards and were sometimes referred to simply as "Beards." This nickname also referred to their ability to shape-shift, and, as we all know, secret identity is a recurring theme in the play.

None of what I've written is true, of course, but I think you get my meaning.