Monday, October 31, 2005

More Reviews

If you believe the good ones you have to believe the bad ones as the saying goes. But every now and then it is nice to bask a little in the praise of others. I told you about the Post and City Paper but here are some quotes and links to some other reviews that you probably don't know about. Click on the links for the full reviews.

This is a fun and witty show that moves at a very quick pace. David Ghatan's set design takes you right back to the Globe Theatre, although sitting in the balcony may not be for everyone. Before you head over to Rorschach's space in Columbia Heights, I suggest you type "Shakespeare controversy" into a search engine; you'll have reading for hours.
Rich See -

Grady Weatherford makes a marvelous bard-as-bumpkin, both because of a physical resemblance to the image we know from prints, and because of his bumbling but believable comedy. He gradually takes his character from stage-struck neophyte to an experienced, slightly wiser member of the theater community.
Brad Hathaway- Potomac Stages

The play delivers quality acting, easy to appreciate humor, and an innovative approach to a timeless mystery. Those who don't know Shakespearean works well may miss some embedded quotes, but little of the plot or humor will be lost.
Laurne Marberger - The Eagle

The love of theatre is the prevailing theme in Rorschach’s latest production and it is quite clear that is what drives this company of very talented performers. Guaranteed laughs and a wonderful evening of theatre await if you have tickets for The Beard of Avon, if you don’t get them!
Walter Ruff - DC Theater Reviews

The show could easily have its roots in British comedy, with its effective mix of outright silliness and clever wordplay. It does an exceptional job weaving in historical content, Shakespearean shout-outs (an Ophelia allusion referencing a "15-year-old drowning in a duck pond" is one guffaw-worthy example), and pointed jabs at the often-pretentious nature of theater.
Misty Frederick - The DCist

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