Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Earl

Anyone who has spent time around Shakespeare knows that there has always been some lurking doubt about whether William Shakespeare actually wrote the plays and sonnets which are now viewed as perhaps the most brilliant in the history of English Language. I have previously discussed that there are those who believe it was in fact someone else or several someone elses. And despite numerous historical references to an actual historical Shakespeare, there are academics around the world who believe the plays were actually written, by one Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.

One of the chief suspects in this conspiracy of literature, Oxford was an accomplished poet and courtier. He had traveled the world and had written some masques and plays for the court, none of which have survived until today. The case against Shakespeare can be found at this Web Site (please ignore the Snoopy Cartoon at the top of the page.)

The character of Oxford plays a crucial role in Amy Freed's The Beard of Avon and we have been lucky enough to have landed a very talented ukulele player and actor, Eric Singdahlsen, to play the role. Once again I sat down with Eric and asked some hard questions:

1. If Superman battled the Hulk who would win?

2. What exactly is the other white meat?
Well, I used to work on a hog farm and wore a pin that said "The Other White Meat", so I am going to say pork.

3. America right or wrong?
About what?

4. Which of the Three Stooges has had the greatest impact on you?
A lot of the sense memory work I do is a result of reading many interviews with Moe.

5. Name five actors:
Edwin Booth, Charles Laughton, James Mason, Jodie Foster and Kevin Pollack

6. You realize two of those actors are associated with either successful or unsuccessful attempts to kill a U.S. President?

7. Why did you decide to say yes to doing this play?
Long story short, my wife suggested that it would be a good antidote for my natural reclusiveness.

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