Monday, October 03, 2005

Photo Call

We had a bit of a mini-photo call on Saturday. To the left you will see Patrick Bussink and Austin Bragg sitting in capes, ruffs and doublets for a photo shoot to help create the advertising image for The Beard of Avon. One of the marketing tools that theater companies large and small employ to get the word out about their production is the use of posters and post cards. This requires the work of designers, photographers, models and costumes to create one image which will not only evoke what your show is about but also make it interesting enough to get people to come and spend some time with you at the theater.

Rorschach has been very lucky to have worked with some very creative photographers in the past couple of years to create what I think are some of the finest examples of theater post cards in DC. This time we were fortunate to have the help of photographer Chris Maddaloni for this photo shoot. Chris had previously taken some production shots for us for Behold! and we were so impressed that we thought we would ask him to take a stab at photographing our post card image for The Beard of Avon. A group of four actors then donned some of the costumes which have been assembled by Jenn Miller for the show and several Shakespeare masks and surrounded our Shakespeare, Grady Weatherford and posed their arses off. I will hopefully have some shots to show you later this week.

In the past we have worked with photographers like my friend Paul Schuster who helped us with the images for The Scarlet Letter and Behold! and Virgilio Santos who helped us create images for Lord of the Flies, Ubu Roi and A Clearing in the Woods. Recently Grady Weatherford has assisted in the layout and production of the post cards. These images have helped draw people into Rorschach Theatre again and again with the promise of stage images which will hopefully be as evocative as the images on the post cards.

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