Friday, November 16, 2007

You Be the Critic

You know those Rorschach emails that you get about three times during the run. Well they don't just appear out of thin air written my magical gnomes. (The press releases now those are written by gnomes.) They are written by your's truly and then edited the hell out of by one of our artistic directors, usually Jenny who also does all the formatting. Thanks Jenny!

The thing is that I try and grab some press quotes to put in these things and show what critics are saying. And with as many great reviews as Kit Marlowe has been receiving it hasn't been hard to find a juicy quote or three.

This week I want to try something different. I want to use quotes from people who have seen the show who are not critics. That's right, you the audience member speaking to other audience members.

Here is what I am asking. Leave a comment on the blog or email me with what you thought about the show. If your quote is spicy, savvy, saucy or just plain dead on I will use it to intice the folks who are waiting until the final weekends to see Kit Marlowe.

Go for funny, go for the serious or the sincere and you too could have your voice heard (metaphorically) via the inboxes of theatre lovers all around DC.

If you want your name used great or if you want to use one of those clever Dear Abby pseudonyms that is cool too. I would love to send an email that says Confused in Columbia Heights or Fan from Fairfax or Smitten in Silver Spring.

So either leave a comment below or email me at and we'll make some magic together. I will only use quotes that are positive in the email but I encourage everyone to leave their feedback.

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