Friday, November 09, 2007

Washington Times and City Paper Make Us Visible

Seems like Kit Marlowe is everywhere today.

First is a great article by Jayne Blanchard at The Washing Times. (I know you pinkos it's the Times, but it is in the Entertainment section so pipe down.) She mentions Kit Marlowe and has some tasty quotes from our playwright, David Grimm, as well as our partners in this mad little Festival at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Here is what David had to say:

He was Lindsay Lohan — with talent," says playwright David Grimm, who wrote a play, "Kit Marlowe," about the bad boy of iambic pentameter. "The Elizabethan era was a pretty raw time, and both Marlowe's life and his plays were rife with the rawness of youth and rampant sexuality."
The youthfulness is what captivated Mr. Grimm. "Marlowe is so over-the-top, so ambitious, and everything is written in bright, brash colors — he is such a young person's playwright."

Here is the rest of the article, Bad Boy Marlowe On a Tear, with some great insight into the man and his work.

Next we are an editors pick over at the City Paper. While the City Paper will be unable to review Kit Marlowe they were kind enough to feature us on their web site and place us in a highly visable location in this weeks print edition. Check it out, here.

Two more shows this weekend, tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm. Get your tickets now.

Also you have already seen the trailer but I am now able to upload the trailer directly to the blog now without going through YouTube. This should mean some improvement in the picture quality.

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