Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks for Not Snitching

It is the time of year where we say thanks. The rest of the year we are kind of dicks and don't thank anyone man, woman or child, but for the sake of form and to contiue a tradition of at least one year (I skipped last year but here is my Turkey Pardon entry from '05) here is our annual list of things for which we are truly thankful.
A Thanksgiving List
by The DCepticon
A Rorschach Joint
1. First and foremost we want to thank God and our mothers.
2. Next we are thankful for socks. I don't think socks get enough attention these days. This is also a call out to shoes, maybe if you work harder next year we will thank you as well, but you really let us down in the fourth quater with that interception. We still love you but you are getting older and the game isn't the one you played when you were younger.
3. The Greeks. Not simply for inventing that delightful open sandwich that confounds pronunciation the Gyro but for creating theatre as we know it today.
4. We are thankful for Rorschach's exceptional showing at the Preakness this year. Who knew a 9 year old theatre company could beat a field of 3 year old horses.
5. Baking soda. Not baking powder, there is a difference.
6. Fake Blood. Looks gross but tastes so good.
7. Everyone who has anything to do with a Rorschach production, thank you for giving of your time, your energy and your love.
8. And finally that there are still 7 chances to see Kit Marlowe. Including 2 shows this weekend. Tickets are still available. Use the ticket code YAMS and get your tickets for just $15.

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