Friday, November 02, 2007

I Love the Interwebs! And They Love Us

So when the print press doesn't particularly care for the art you make tunr to the internet for the love you feel your cast, director and playwright richly deserve. I already told you about the love that Tim over at DC Theatre scene sent our way. Now I get to mention the love we get from Brad Hathaway over at Potomac Stages.

Oh, but when it is high, the pleasure level of this production is sky high and it never is less than interesting as it works its way through a modern writer's speculations on the mysteries surrounding the short life and violent death of the man who may have passed on the concept of the history play to Shakespeare who gave us all those Henrys and Richards. Bringing the swashbuckling adventurer to lusty life is Adam Jonas Segaller, who makes his Potomac Region debut in a most memorable way, bursting on stage stark naked and dripping wet, swinging from a rope fresh from a dip in the foul, fetid Thames.

Brad has love to spread around and if he has reservations they are not about the production. He also gives a special holler out for the copious amounts of blood, saying:

There's no specific credit in the program for special effect but someone should take a bow for the effectiveness of the blood-letting scenes which take the concept of "signing in blood" to a new level.

Read the rest of the review here.

Kit Marlowe continues this weekend with shows tonight and tomorrow at 8pm. Get your tickets now.

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Anonymous said...

I loved it when the blood hit that audience member in the face!