Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why isn't it "Up Its Boot to Sleeve"?

Grimm is working with meaty material here, and the twisting, delving plot is one of Kit Marlowe’s greatest strengths. We’re immediately embroiled in the intrigue of Marlowe’s underground world, and the work has plenty of swashbuckling action, horrifying torture, and yes, unapologetic male nudity, to hold our attention, even when it’s running a little long. Grimm smartly sets up Marlowe to be an embodiment of many of his famous characters, from Faust to Tamburlaine, and the story has some credible surprises up its sleeve to boot.

So says Missy Frederick over at the DCist. Over all Missy gives the show a mixed review, but she still finds things to enjoy. Read the whole review here.

We keep on rolling along, and I encourage you all to see Kit Marlowe. This week there are shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Tickets are still available but you better hurry.

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