Friday, November 30, 2007

Get to Know Heather, Emily and Cynthia

A three-fer on this the final Friday before Kit Marlowe closes. Remember there are shows at 8pm tonight and tomorrow and 3pm shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And then it is over. And since this is our last show at Casa, this is everyone's chance to say goodbye. See you there!

I am still not quite clear what it is Heather Gaither was doing at Kit Marlowe rehearsals, there is every possibility she wasn't supposed to be there at all, or in fact she may have been the props designer. That's her with the puppy. UPDATE: While, our illustrious blogger was busy doing the acting thing across town, the rest of us up at Rorschach know that Heather was in rehearsals b/c she was our outstanding props designer, who managed to conjure up puke buckets, quil pens that wrote in blood, more raw potatos than you can shake a dagger at, and all the other gorey goodness that made the show so cool.

It is a little clearer what Emily Dere was doing there. She was our costume designer and she did a fine job of it. Don't have a picture of Emily but you can use your imaginations.

I also do not have a picture of our intern Cynthia Caul. You may remember Cythia sent us a report on the rehearsal process last month. All three are fantastic ladies from what I have been told and I hate to jam them all into one post but time is running short and I run what I get.

Heathers answers are in yellow, Emily's are in blue and Cynthia's are in orange. Enjoy

1. What is your position, role or roles in Kit Marlowe?

Finding little things for actors to busy themselves with.

Costume designer

Assistant Dramaturg/Intern

2. Is this your first go around at the Rorschach rodeo? If not what have you done for us before? If yes, what has surprised you the most about working for us?

I was a very bad nun in the 365 project and a distressed bride in the Myth Appropriations.

yup, first go round. well, this survey for one is a first.

Yep. No surprises, but good surprises.

3. If this play were a Beatle which one would it be and why?

I couldn't choose between the actual Beatles so...A green beetle because. That's right, just because.

I'll have to go with John - for the intense, and outspoken nature of Kit. Being a huge Beatles fan, I will have to stop with the simple answer before I overanalyze the question. No qualms about nudity may have been a factor in that choice as well.

Ringo Starr. I have no real explanation for this. I like this play, and I like Ringo. That's all I got...

4. What feature of Marlowe's London should Rorschach duplicate to really enhance the audience's experience?

The drinking!

I'm going to have to agree with Ronnie and say the smell would be a bonus. Wandering livestock might not be a bad way to get that if you are looking for workable suggestions. I think I may have a goat connection I could call. If not, I'm sure Bill knows people

I would really like to see Rorschach duplicate the aroma of the Elizabethan theatre. Perhaps, they can pack the theatre, prohibit deodorant, and place heat fans under the seats for good measure. Theatres these days just aren't appealing to olfaction the way that they used too.

5. What was your best/worst haircut or body modification for a part in a play? For the designers what is the weirdest thing a director ever asked you to include in your design?

A crazy punk haircut that I would have never been brave enough to do without it being required.

Though it wasn't MY design, I had to make a fabulous hat for Revels last year which required screwing a set of 18" steer horns into either side of a bicycle helmet. It was then covered with lots of animal fur, ending in a racoon tail at the back and strips of colorful fabric glued all round the edges. And while I never had to dance while wearing this 4' wide contraption (poor Ernie), it did accompany me on the metro to the curiousity of the other riders that day.

Mullet. Except, it wasn't for a play, and it wasn't the 80's. It pains me to talk about it...

6. If you could go out for a wild night on the town with Kit Marlowe, where would you go and what would you do?

Take him to the pirate bar in Silver Spring and make him drink the grog - mainly to see if even people from other time periods think it tastes awful

I don't think I'm Kit's type. No fun. I know.


7. Can you think of worse way of being killed than being stabbed in the eye? If so how?

Slowly eaten

I would think being stabbed in the eye might be a relatively quick (though by no means painless) way to die. Not that I've tried it out or anything. But I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer it to going up in flames, being buried alive, drowning, being eaten alive by wild animals, starving to death, or simply wasting away from some disease. See, this is why I need to stop watching TV. Every evening, a new and more painful way to go is explored on CSI or Law and Order. And I haven't even seen the Saw movies. But I'm sure they, too, could help with this question. And now you have a second insight into question number 6 - not only female, but a dependancy on television. Kit would hate that.

Yes, I can think of a few, in fact...suffication, particularly of the being- buried-alive variety, drowning, burning alive...I suppose these aren't the most ideal methods for those looking to commit homicide. It seems they would require a lot more prep time, but as the question stands I do believe these would be worse ways to be killed.

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