Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MIRS: Gilgamesh

Randy Baker is working on a new play. It is the story of Gilgamesh the ancient king of Uruk and his journey to storm the gates of heaven. Last night we had a rehearsal read for the upcoming Magic in Rough Spaces reading next Tuesday, May 15th at 8pm. Admission is FREE.

As with any work in progress the cast gave feedback and praise for what will be a very exciting and beautiful show. If you don't know the story of Gilgamesh follow the link to Wikipedia for more information.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in new works to come to the reading next Tuesday and help the artistic process along, either with your comments or simply with your presence. Believe it or not new plays don't just appear fully formed in script form, but events like this free reading serve an important role in shaping and re-shaping the words and actions that the playwright creates.

The reading will be directed by Co-Artistic Director, Jenny McConnell Frederick and features some Rorschach Theatre Regulars and some good friends of ours:

Gilgamesh Andrew Price
Naomi Becky Peters
Enkidu Scott McCormick
Aaron Jesse Terril
Ishtar Tiernan Monderno
Shiduri Maggie Glauber
Nadaba Yasmin Tuazon
Samyat Lindsay Haynes
Abraham Michael John Casey
Stage Directions Lee Lebeiskind

See you there!

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