Friday, May 18, 2007

MIRS: 365 Plays/365 Days

By Suzan-Lori Parks
Produced by Becky Peters and Jessie Gallogly
Monday, May 21 at 8pm
Free Admission
Seven plays.
Fourteen actors.
Six directors.
One juggler.
365 PLAYS/365 DAYS is a collection of short plays by the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of TOPDOG/UNDERDOG and THE AMERICA PLAY. On Monday, May 21 RORSCHACH THEATRE will join hundreds of other theatres around the country who have come together to present this incredible body of work.

Parks wrote one play each day for a year. Inspired by her example RORSCHACH THEATRE will present its seven plays in the same sort of whirlwind spirit. Actors and directors will meet on Saturday to receive scripts and a list of challenges to work into their productions. On Monday night the theatre doors open and RORSCHACH THEATRE will present seven fully staged productions to an audience hungry for spectacle and excitement!

PRODUCED BY Jessie Gollogly and Becky Peters

DIRECTED BY Cecilia Cackley, Sarah Dendhart, Jessie Gollogly, Ashley Hollingshead, Ryan Taylor and Andy Wassenitch

FEATURING JJ Area, Molly Cahill, Megan Dominy, Ken Elston, Valerie Fenton, Heather Elaine Gaither, Jason Linkins, Cedric Mays, Cassie Platt, Megan Reichelt, John Tweel and Simone Zvi

MORE ON THE 365 PHENOMENON: The world premiere of 365DAYS/365PLAYS is currently being performed as a yearlong national festival simultaneously in 14 major cities and communities around the country by over 600 theatres in the largest theatre collaboration in U.S. History. 365 Days/365 Plays will be presented in Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle, along with the Carolinas, Mississippi River towns, and university campuses.

For the national 365 site, CLICK HERE
For the DC 365 site,

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