Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Speak the Speeches

There are always speeches before First Reads. Producers give you a packet of documents that you will probably never look at again and explain how the place runs. These speeches are standard operating procedure for nearly any professional theater company in the world.
You get a speech from the marketing director, who you probably won't see again until he comes with the photographer to take press pics. You hear from the designers and the director about their concepts of what this show is about and how they are going to be bringing it to 3 dimensional life. If the playwright has come you might get to hear what made her write the piece in the first place (Thanks for joining us last night Jennifer).
I will be honest, last night I slipped out the door before most of the speeches happened. Don't judge me! I don't like to ruin the surprise I get when I watch a designer run. I know there are many people who enjoy the discovery of a first read and Rorschach has had some doozies over the years. It is one of the few pleasures I get when I am not working as an actor on a show, the wonder of a designer run.
This is a great cast of people who are familiar to DC audiences even if they are not Rorschach regulars. Artitic Partner and Company Member Tim Getman joins us for his 4th Rorschach show (one more and you get the smoking jacket Tim). We are lucky to be joined by two great actors who I was very nearly in a show with a couple of months back, Brian Hemmingsen and Nanna Ingvarsson. Marissa Molnar and Jjana Valentiner round out the cast with all of their youth and energy, I envy them that.
Welcome to you all and I will give everyone a run down of the designers in the coming days.
birds starts previews on June 27th so start making your plans to see it today!

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