Thursday, May 03, 2007

Express-ing Surrealism

Despite the misidentification of one of our actors in the photo, (that is Cesar not Andrew by the way) I think this is a fairly nice review of References to Salvador Dali . . . in the Express today. Get your free copy today. (Click on the picture if you want to make it bigger.)

The show continues to pick-up momentum as we head into our second to last weekend. We have a show tonight and the last time I checked we have seats available, so I know there is a two hour Grey's Anatomy on at 9pm, but I know most of you can either tape it or TIVO it, so why not get out and see some live lovin' instead.

Four show weekend, Tonight, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and our special Matinee at 3pm on Saturday. Call 1-800-494-TIXS or visit

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