Friday, May 25, 2007

Jenny and Randy Get Examined

Small theater gets a plug in today's edition of the Washington Examiner. Jenny and Randy get quoted in not one but two articles, which are written by the DCist's Theater Critic, Missy Frederick, who coincidentally writes for the Business Section of the Examiner. Both of articles are right next to one another so scanning and reading are made easy. Click to embiggen the above image or pick up an Examiner for free on the street somewhere to read the article and to see a fine looking MJ Casey in a photo from the current Catalyst production of The Flu Season which runs just two more weekends.

In addition to Rorschach Company Member Michael John The Flu Season also includes Rorschach Alums Ghillian Porter, Alexander Strain, Dan Via and Ellen Young. It is also directed by Jessi Burgess, director of Rorschach's The Beard of Avon.

Also running are In On It and Blue/Orange over at Theater Alliance. In On It features Rorschach Company Member Jason Stiles and Rorschach Alum Jason Lott. Blue/Orange is directed by Jeremy Skidmore who a couple years back directed After the Flood for Rorschach. In On It closes this weekend and Blue/Orange has been extended until June 10th, check the links for show schedules.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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