Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wonder of the Capital

It is often the case during tech rehearsals that the director or actors go crazy and begin a murderous rampage. I am glad to report that no one was killed this weekend but Director Randy Baker, seems poised to kick some ass in the picture at left.

Tech was a releatively painless if at times a bit excruciating process as these things tend to be, but people met the challenge with good enough spirits. As the elements of costume, lights and sound all get added into the mix, there can always be frustration enough to choke the happiest of
Polly Anna's with enough bile to bite the head off of a bat, during a quickly improvised rendition of Iron Man.

Everyone patiently made their way through the cue to cue on Friday night and Saturday
morning. Special shouts out to the tech crew behind the board Justin, Lindsey, Sharon and Matt. You all did a great job at keeping us on track and creating some fantastic stage pictures. Nate and Amy get a special set of kudoes, knowing that they stayed up way past all of our bed times to get the set looking amazing. Deb has been slaving away at the sewing machine herself creating and designing kimono's and hakama for all of us, tailored to our special needs. Like my stubby legs. And finally a thank you to Gwen and Randy for creating an actual back stage area for the cast. I think everyone who snuggled into a ball on the sofa this weekend for a nap thanks you mightily. Here are some other images that came out of this weekend. Thanks to the blogger and Gwen for the images. Yeah, I know I just refered to myself in the third person, so what?

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Agent X said...

Oh yeah... when's the Fair Ladies 2006 calendar gonna be ready? We still need some shots for June-October...