Wednesday, January 04, 2006


As they often say familiarity can breed contempt. As much as I would like to say that everyone always gets along with everyone else in the theater this is often not the case. Tempers can flare and very smart, very talented and very tired people can often disagree. I am not writing this to tell you that there are troubles. I am not writing this to air dirty laundry. What I wanted to say is that friction is something we should all be wary of and work to smooth the way for one another.

Fair Ladies has the potential to kick a great deal of ass and all of the cast, crew, director and designers have a vested interest in making this come to pass. So breath everyone. Take a great big gulp of air and remember that at least this blogger is in deep love with every single one of you.

That being said please John Michael and Jai, no more attempts on one anothers lives during rehearsal. Jai I know you know a varying number of ways to kill a man, but please try to keep it in check. John Michael you are the one with the sword in this photo, so I know she must have really been pushing your buttons.

Let's all just say we are sorry and move on. There is a run coming up and the less blood there is on stage the better the chance that we will make it through the whole show.

Oh, you kids and your sword play!

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Anonymous said...

my money's on jai alai
maybe we should have a fair ladies deathmatch for the last show?