Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's A Joy To Be Simple

And then we raised a barn. Hello true believers and welcome to the first entry for 2006 of the Rorschach Theatre Blog. Construction of the set was fevered this last week. As you will see in the photo above the big bridge has been built and please note the scale ladies and gentlemen. Special kudos to our set designer and technical director, this set soars and the actors for the most part feel safe and secure as they rise eight feet up into the air.

Last night before rehearsal began we accomplished the Rorshach Theatre equivalent of a barn raising. As you may remember from the scale model of the set there is a large window feature behind the bridge feature. This structure is at least 13 feet tall and had to be constructed on the playing area in front of the bridge. It now needed to be lifted over the bridge and placed in its new home position. So many hands making light work, the cast and crew hoisted the 13 foot high 20 feet wide window up and over the existing set.

Fortunately only one climber was lost during this ascent. She was later recovered by a group of Norwegians who were attempting to climb the peaks south face. Good time!

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