Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Internet Review and Mars

Well here we glow again. See it's a pun on Go and Glow, as in glowinig review. Our friends at the DCist have given us another near rave for Fair Ladies, follow the link to the review.

It is gratifying to get all this love from the internet. But when hasn't the internet been the source of hours and hours of unqualified love of one sort or another. I think of the times my family and I used to sit around our Commodore Vic 20 and stare in wonder at all three things it could do. We would roast marshmallows and dream of a day when vital information and theater reviews would come into our home, either through a phone line or a cable of some sort, perhaps like the one that brought us all 42 channels on our massive 20 inch screen.

Mom used to tell us to keep on typing in those line commands and some day we could be an accountant or a rocket scientist. And when mankind landed on Mars in late 1997 we would be one of the few people who helped bend the universe to our wills. Making the cosmos our plaything and ourselves Gods over the lives of the puny mortals who were not computer literate. Perhaps there would be life on Mars and we could rule them, because they obviously were too primative to have mastered the line commands of "2 go to 1" and "run."

And so as I think back on those days of Reagan and Genesis, I laugh a little and then I cry a lot, because we haven't made it to Mars and I am an actor here on Earth. So say we all!


Anonymous said...

Congratulashowns! Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Vic 20 and the cassette tape storage drive and cartridges with games and programs. I remember it fondly.