Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pay-What-You-Can Previews Start Tonight

There comes that moment when despite every argument to the contrary, you have to let the audience come see the show. That time has come and we the cast seem pumped and primed for the opportunity. The run last night was a success on so many levels. Technically, actor wise and just some fantastic work on the part of everyone involved in the project.

Pay-What-You-Can Previews for Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards begin tonight!

PWYC Previews for those of you unaware of the theater term are the opportunity for the cast and director to fine tune their performance in front of actual bodies for the first time. Since they are seeing a show which is not yet open, some things may not be up to full performance level. Sets may still need a coat of paint, actors may still be finding out how to move in their costumes, and lighting and sound cues may be changing. Instead of bringing home the fact that this is an opportunity for those of us with very little pocket money to see a show for damn near free, I instead look on it as a way for people who love the theatre to see what happens as a show comes to glorious life.

I hope those who come tonight will come back later in the run to see the wild beast we will have tamed by Saturday Night, but more importantly, I hope they tell their friends if they liked it. If they didn't like it I hope they forget they were ever in the theater and mention it to no one.

See some of you tonight! PWYC Previews continue through Friday and we open to a sold out house on Saturday Night.

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