Monday, March 03, 2008


We spent a good portion of Saturday sitting in a basement room at Georgetown this weekend, not the cellar but the basement there is a difference, and we worked our way through a draft of Randy Baker's next play Dream Sailors. Don't let the name fool you this play is f to the up crazy, sexy and a little scary.

The premise of Dream Sailors is not as exciting as the way it will unfold, which will be episodically, with a new show in the series premiering each week. Four episodes in all and each one ends with a cliff-hanger for the week to follow.

It tells the story of four friends who wake from their lucid dreaming party to find a dead body. I think I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Randy has got himself something new here. Taking the conventions of television and adapting it back to the roots of dramatic story telling on stage.

In honor of this exciting and promising read through I want to start the shows first catch phrase, sort of along the lines of "Save the Cheerleader. Save the world.", "The Truth is Out There." or "Sit on it Potsy!"

"Who is the Man with the Green Eyes?"

Start using it in conversation, to pick-up members of the opposite or same sex, organize viewing parties and get ready for the excitement.


Dantehicks36 said...

Is the man with the green eyes the cheerleader that has the truth to sit on it postsy and save the world?

Anonymous said...

the man with the green eyes haunts my dreams. or it could just be the fruit snacks.