Friday, March 28, 2008

See Its Like a Swap for Ads Instead of Clothing or Wives

See we try and help our friends here at the ol' Rorschach Blog. Got this note from Gwen the afternoon and we begin the eternal cycle of butt scratching (or it might be back scratching I was never good with cliches).

I do love me some Brecht so I think it is all kinds of exciting. Enjoy!

hey DCepticon,

I think we talked about this a long time ago - would you be willing to put something up for the opening of the constellation show today?

Katie Atkinson, Yasmin might be the only rorschachites, also meghan reichelt is running sound board for this first weekend. (Editor: Yvette Ryan also.)

let me know!
thanks darlin,


by Bertolt Brecht,
directed by Allison Stockman

Performances are March 27th - April 20th. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm

Summary: Three gods descend to earth in search of one good person and discover that kindness and compassion don't pay the rent. Shen Te, a kind and generous prostitute, is driven to disguise herself as a shrewd and unethical male businessman in order to navigate the demands of love, family and hungry neighbors. Bertolt Brecht, the avant-garde father of epic drama, mixes comedy and fantasy to create an exotic world that turns out to be very close to home.

Ensemble: Katie Atkinson, Molly Cahill, Katy Carkuff, Catherine Deadman, John Feist, Kevin Finkelstein, Lewis Freeman, John Geoffrion, Keith Irby, Ashley Ivey, Hilary Kacser, Jenny Leopold, Lisa Lias, Kenny Littlejohn, Beckett Martin, Francisco Reinoso, Joe Thornhill, Meghan Tolmie, Yasmin Tuazon, Ron Ward.

Musician & Composer: Tom Teasley.
Design and Technical Team: A.J. Guban, Yvette M. Ryan, Chris Baine, Francoise Bastien, Brett Abelman, Angelo Merenda, Erica Jean Yeager, Michael Roike

All performances are at Clark Street Playhouse in Crystal City, VA


1) PWYC performance on Thursday, March 27th and Friday, March 28th
2) $15 Student/Senior tickets, $12 Group tickets for groups of 5+
3) $10 "ARTIST" code tickets online for the first two weeks - Sun 3/30 through Sun 4/6.

For more information visit Contellation Theatre's web site.

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FRM115 said...

(Eeyore voice) thanks for noticing me.


come see it. everyone loves cross dressing.