Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Look Into My Crystal Ball and See The Future

I was almost run over by a car this morning.

Anyway this is a message to everyone who is checking in after the beautiful email announcement sent out this morning congratulating Gaby and Shirley on their well deserved Helen Hayes nominations for References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot.

It has long been my belief that smaller theaters in DC are given the shaft when it comes to Helen Hayes nominations. These nominations of course call me on my beliefs but I think of all the fine work that is done by talented people in small spaces all over this town and them hardly getting the recognition they deserve and I still scratch my head.

I am going to make a couple of predictions right now:

Someone at the event will be drunk in the following situations:
- While presenting.
- While receiving their award.
- While arriving.
- While arguing over paying $30 for parking.

Someone at the event will hook-up with someone they shouldn't and cause friction among their friends and co-workers for the year to come.

There will be loud cheers for Signature from Catholic U. alums and grads.

The next day someone will post a complaint on DC Theatre Scene about young people cheering at the Helen Hayes awards and their inability to hear the show.

Someone will utter the following phrase during their acceptance speech for one of the Non-Resident Production Awards "Thank you so much! I didn't even know you all had theater awards here."

There will be a musical parody based on a Kander and Ebb song that only three people in the audience could tell you what show it comes from. All three will laugh very hard.

There will be a Canadian in attendance.

An artistic director of a major theater company will trip and take out an ice sculpture.

There will be a celebrity presenter who will tell us a story about when they were a young actor/actress and their experience of touring a show at the National/Warner/Kennedy Center before it went on to Broadway.

Our two nominees and Tracy Olivera will be the sexiest nominees at the whole damn shabang.

There will be corndogs.

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