Monday, March 31, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

Good Monday morning to all of you freaks and greeks out there in cyberia.

As I awoke on this particularly cold and rainy Monday morning and as I said goodbye to Girlfriend of DCepticon, I was reminded that I haven't given you all nearly enough grief this month. If I am going to suffer I will not do it with either grace or charity. To misquote the man who I am currently endorsing for the Democratic Presidential nomination, "The Bus Stops Here."

Have you voted for Rorschach to be The Best Theatre in Washington every day like I asked. This is the last week and I can't be the only IP address voting for Rorschach otherwise they will think I am a lone lunatic with Rorschach fixation. And as close as that is to being true, you owe me! You may not know why or even care that you owe me one, but I assure you that you do in fact owe me! So click this LINK, jump through every hoop the good folks at The City Paper ask you to every day this week and you can consider our debt settled.

If you don't? Well let's just say, I hope you enjoy messages sent wrapped in newspaper and smelling of halibut.

Happy Monday from you good friends at Rorschach Theatre!

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