Tuesday, April 01, 2008


In a bold move Rorschach has announced that after their Summer in Exile at Georgetown they will have found a new performance space at The National Zoo.

This brings to an end months of speculation as to where this theatre company would be flinging their unique brand of theatre.

Co-Artistic Director Randy Baker tells the blog that approaching The National Zoo about a residency was a no- brainer.

"Think about it, dude! The location, the metro accessibility, the prairie dogs! Where else should we be?"

Jenny McConnell Frederick, Rorschach's other Co-Artistic Director said the idea came out of some of Rorschach's earlier work.

"The Hairy Ape, Rhinoceros and King Kong: The Musical these early works helped define who we were as a company. This is a return to our animalistic roots and we get to spend some time at the zoo."

The planned space is currently an over-grown enclosure at the top of the hill path that leads down to the sea lions. Once used to house bears and a particularly wiley coyote the enclosure would serve as a perfect out door amphitheater for any number of classical and modern plays.

Director of Marketing, Scott McCormick, says that the company is considering numerous works to inaugurate the new space.

"Right now we are trying to decide whether to take obvious approach and go with animal themed shows; Birds, Frogs, or the little performed Greek Tragedy, Scabies. Or should we look with subtler zoo connections like The Glass Menagerie or Evita. We think musicals will be an option if we can just keep the howler monkeys from going off every time they hear a middle-C."


Anonymous said...

HA! Double HA!

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Unknown said...

Is that the grassy nook where all the gold lion tamarins hang out? Because if it is, you can train them to steal people's wallets and hats luring them toward the enclosure. Do any of the company members have experience with training monkeys?