Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hayes-y Shade of Winners

I got no photos. I got no quotes. I even handed off my one souvenir of the evening off to a good friend. All I have are the memories.
And lets clear up one of my complaints from previous years the bourbon this year was Jim Beam. The Old Crow they tried to foist on folks for the last couple year has flown the coop. Good work everyone who lobbied for the change (which may have been only me).

Last night was a great night for Rorschach in a lot of ways. If you count winning as the only mark of a great night you would be wrong. That being said, Gabi, Tracy, Shirley and Patrick you were all robbed.

For me it was seeing some of the finest actors, directors, designers and stage managers in town decked out to the nines, tens and tens and halves for an evening with glamour. That and well supplied buffet and open bar.
Now if you were looking for a list of winners, please go to one of the state run blogs, they are very good at lists. And if you are looking for an actual fashion report like what designers people were wearing I am would be of very little help in that area as well, so I will instead give fashion impressions.
Yasmin Tuazon was in a hot little purple number. It might have been lilac, but since my knowledge of color can be boiled down to knowing the Roy G Biv and that chartreuse is some form of green, you will probably have to ask her what color it was.
Jessie Terrill was in a great pin striped suit which made him look at least two feet taller.
Jenny McConnell Frederick was in a fetching black number with a blue neck line. Very styling.
Gwen Grastorf was hot, hot, hot in a black flapper dress.
Grady Weatherford, Andrew Price and Scott McCormick all managed to work with the color pallet of black tuxedo with gold and red accents and managed a variety of results for the their presenting duties. No one really noticed those three because Mona Lisa Arias and Elizabeth Richards were the ones everyone were looking at during our five person salute to the Canadian Flag.
Jason Stiles was carrying a lot of fake (at least I think they were fake) ammunition on his belt last night.
Congratulations to all the winners and I hope the out there woke up early enough this morning to return their tuxes without incurring a late fee.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! yasmin's dress was most definitely purple. I would say it was shades of lavender and deep orchid. or something.

Lovely to see so many rorschachites in full-party-on mode.