Monday, April 14, 2008

Only Chance to Save $30

Tonight in additon to the great company and stimulating conversation that are standard fare at any event sponsored by Rorschach Theatre, we are offering some things for your purchase and perusal.

In case you didn't know or have forgotten due to the intervening days since I last mentioned it, Rorschach will be hosting a gathering at Stetson's tonight at 7pm in the upstairs bar, 1610 U Street NW, Washington, DC .

This will be your one and only opportunity to purchase tickets to the Black & White Masquerade Benefit on May 10th. After tonight the minimum price for tickets for what promises to be a night of music, dancing and libations will run you $50. But tonight you pay $20 and you are in. That's right a fancy dress up party with finger food and a beer and wine bar for just $20.

Think about how much you would pay for something like that and you realize that it is cheap at $50 and insanely inexpensive at $20. No excuses, we are in Exile and we are taking neither excuses or prisoners as we make our way towards our summer at Georgetown.

See you tonight!

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