Tuesday, March 18, 2008

City Paper Best of DC Picks

Here at the Ol' Rorschach Blog we are big believers in lobbying for our place in the sun.

When contests come up where we can lobby you, our 10 or so loyal readers, to vote for us in an on-line poll we will pimp ourselves out like anyone seeking the presidental nod.

This time the City Paper has given us the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the ease and simplicity of on-line voting.

Washington City Paper's 2008 Best of D.C. popularity contest is up and running.

What you ask do I have to do?

Quite simple really. Follow this LINK and where it has a blank next to Best Theatre Company, just type in Rorschach Theatre. If you want you can even copy Rorschach Theatre from this blog and paste it into the appropriate slot.

Just scroll down the list to Best Theatre Company it's right after Best Strip Club (for which I recommend you write in the DAR Constitution Hall).

You can vote for anything else as you see fit. You'll have to hit the Orange Continue to next page button a couple of times to have your vote cast.

Remember it is only with your help that we can hope to oppose the forces of certain companies whose names begin with S, W, and A. Vote now and vote as often as they will let you (which is one a day it turns out). This is not a presidental election so your vote should actually count.

Thank in advance and remember the only payment I can offer is love. Not physical love but the spiritual kind that they talk about in books and world religions.

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