Thursday, February 28, 2008

Overlooked and A New Rorschach Slogan Campaign

So one of my favorite post Helen Hayes announcements traditions is to read what Jane Horwitz felt was overlooked from the previous season of shows. This year was no exception as Jane refers to one of last seasons shows as:

Rorschach Theatre's riotous "Rough Magic";

Jane asks where was the nomination for Rough Magic along with the other over looked shows and performances. Of course we are floating on cloud 9 thanks to our two nominations for References . . . but it is nice to be included with other great shows that were over looked.

Yesterday witnessed one of the most sincere exchange of mutual appreciation that I have ever witnessed in the 17 year I have had e-mail. Cast, designers, producers and directors of References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot exchanged praise and snarks via e-mail for a good portion of the day yesterday.

One interesting development was a series of new Rorschach slogans. Here they are listed with their creators.

Jenny as inspired by Danny G.'s rather explicit maternal fantasy:

Rorschach Theatre: Like Your Mother's Womb

From Cesar:

Rorschach Theatre: Taste Them Again, For the First Time
Rorschach Theatre: Our Spirit Rebuilds The Place - Your Money Rebuilds the Space!

From Scott:

Rorschach Theatre: Like your mother's womb with a smoking section.

And over acheiver Yasmin:

Rorschach Theatre: Just like mom used to make.
Rorschach Theatre: Now climate-controlled and vermin-free!
Rorschach Theatre: We do stuff your artistic associate dreams about.
Rorschach Theatre: Bringing sex to the stage in stranger ways for nearly a decade.
Rorschach Theatre: Come for the theater, stay for the pie!
Rorschach Theatre: Give us a fish, we eat for a day. Give us a warehouse, we create for a lifetime.
Rorschach Theatre: Try us hot!
Rorschach Theatre: See a show and still make it to Wonderland.
Rorschach Theatre: Kicking more ass than George Washington since 2000. (Editor: Technically since 1999 unless Yasmin is saying no ass was kicked in 1999, in which case we will have words I promise you. Words!)

If you can think of any others leave them in the comment section.

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Emelye said...

"We do stuff your artistic associate dreams about." Ha!