Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post 600

Well that is a relief. I have been dragging this announcement thing out for weeks and it appears some of you were actually interested.

Today I can switch gears for just a moment to celebrate the 600th entry here on the Ole Blog.

Wow! We are pretty damn amazing!

I know other theater companies have blogs and some of the other roundish theater companies in DC have even started to run their own trailers. Many of the innovations that have made us unique and ground breaking now seem par for the course, but you know what, we are just going to try harder.

We didn't invent the blog and I know other folks had done play trailers before us, but the thing that has always marked our endeavors is the use of limited resources to bring something together on a regular basis. Just like our shows we find a way to make art that matters and do it for nearly nothing at all.

At this point I want to direct your attention to some of the other coverage we have been getting around the interwebs since yesterdays announcement in the Post.

Our friends at DC Theatre Scene picked up Jane's article and ran a brief piece yesterday morning, Rorschach in Exile (see branding works.)

And dear sweet Missy Frederick at the DCist seemed down right excited in her piece yesterday announcing our big plans in Rorschach Gets a New Home (For Now).

Missy do us one small favor though, could we not use the word scrappy for a little while. It has the connotation of a small annoying dog brought in to an otherwise enjoyable show about youth culture, love triangles,vans, mysteries, Great Danes and drug use.

And for forms sake here is a link to my favorite blog entry of the last 100, which many of you probably missed the first go around because it came out at Thanksgiving, I call it Thanks for Not Snitching. Enjoy!

So here is to the next 600 blog entries! God help us all!


Missy said...

Hilarious. Always good to know when an adjective's getting overplayed.

DCepticon said...

See I just like the fact that you visit often enough to know what is going on.