Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So it has been a long weekend for me and hopefully for you as well.

I spent a large portion on vacation, it is probably for the best that I took my vacation in February because it will be very busy this summer. Oh, was I supposed to not mention how busy I and Rorschach are going to be this summer?

Damn it I hate it when I just let things slip out like that. The next thing you know I will start talking about Exile, Festivals, Jesuits and Jane Horowitz's column in the Style section of the Post tomorrow.

I promised myself I was going to hold all of this stuff in until tomorrow, like how there is going to be a big announcement and you should be sure to check for a special email from Rorschach this week!

Dad-nab-it? I did it again didn't I?

Do me a favor and let's play pretend. We'll all pretend that I didn't say anything about Rorschach announcing our plans for the rest of Season 8 tomorrow and you all can act surprised when you read it. There that should cover my ass!

See you tomorrow!

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