Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rorschach in Exile

Thank you Jane Horowitz for breaking the news to your readers. For those of you who would rather read this on-line than squint to read this run down of what the hell we are doing, go HERE. Scroll down the page after you have read the lovely salute to Living Stage founder Robert Alexander and you can read the article in beautiful html.

So there you go. Rorschach in Exile, is our catchy title for this experiment in what can only be described as a Theatrical Attempt to Keep All of Our Balls in the Air at Once. And here is a link to the rediculously Low-Priced Subscription to see not 3 but 6 shows this summer.

What will this mean for you the Rorschach audience member?

- Air conditioning.
- Shows running all summer long with a good amount of overlap.
- A chance to get a look at Georgetown's fine looking spaces.
- Getting to see what Rorschach can do when we aren't in a pitched battle with loud Columbia Road traffic and summer noises.
- Did I mention air conditioning?

Many of you have been with us since the days when we would spring up somewhere in DC and put on a show. Our time at Casa, while sweet and productive, was only supposed to be a brief stop on our way to better and bigger things. Some of which is coming together even as we speak and I will have more annouoncements to make as this year rolls on.

So for those of you who have followed us from the JCC to the roof-top Greenhouse in Tenleytown, from Signal 66 to an abandoned auditorium in SW, we hope you will follow us to the swankier digs at Georgetown. I promise you this will be something special and well worth the commute.

Here are the links to our remaining shows that will make up Rorschach in Exile.

This Storm is What We Call Progress - June 22 - July 20
The Skin of Our Teeth - July 13 - August 10

Dream Sailors -
Episode 1: July 17-20
Episode 2: July 24-27
Episode 3: July 31-August 3
Episode 4: August 7-10
All 4 episodes run together in the final week Aug 12 - 17


igotmoxie said...

I'm excited for you guys!

beth b.

Anonymous said...

One of the major draws of the Casa del Pueblo location was its accessibility by public transportation. (A minor draw was the pre- and post-theater dining options.) Unfortunately, Georgetown doesn't have the same appeal. (In fact, when I first heard the news, I mistakenly read the new location as GW. Wishful thinking?) Who knows? Theater in the summer might just trump theater in Georgetown.