Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Thornton Wilder-ness Safari

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One of the reasons I took over this writing gig is because DCepticon has been a little lax in the actual writing about theater aspect of the blog and has been going off on strange journies into worlds of his own creation. I am here to pull things back for a while.

As was announced a while back Rorschach has delayed this season. Some of you were expecting to start seeing previews of The Skin of Our Teeth this weekend and if you go to Casa you will find no sets, no costumes and no actors. You will probably find some angry church folks telling you to get off their stoop (Does anyone besides people from Baltimore use the word "stoop"?).

We are still producing The Skin of Our Teeth this summer (Was I supposed to tell them that? Check with Jenny.).

Therefore today I am announcing a series of entries on playwright Thornton Wilder. Over the next several days The Thornton Wilder-ness Safari will be examining his life, his works and will evern be letting DCepticon contribute an entry regarding his experience of working on Our Town and watching the PBS production of The Skin of Our Teeth that aired in the 1980s.

This will be a work which will probably take you to various spots around the internet, so bring your passport and a boxed lunch. I plan on placing links to the deep dark corners of the world and I might even use a quote or two. Let's see if I can do this with out linking Wikipedia more than twice.

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