Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bathroom Graffitti Bridge

As many of you know I am a bit of a "Museum Guy." Well not so much a Museum Guy as a guy who occassionally takes advantage of the fact that we in DC get to go to most of our Museums for free and it is a nice way to spend a late winter evening before you rush off to the theater.

Any way yesterday evening my lady love and I went to the National Portrait Gallery by the Verizon Center and the first thing we did was to visit the restrooms on the 2nd floor (actually that was the third thing we did after having our bags searched and the body cavity check, but that is a small price to pay for free museums if you ask me).

There we were about to enter the 2nd floor restrooms and what do we see but the above portrait of Stephen Colbert. Yes there were portraits of the presidents and great men and women throughout American history, but if you look between the women's and men's rooms on the second floor just above the water fountains you will find Mr. Colbert for a limited time.

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