Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Hour or Two and a Half

Being social animals the family that is Rorschach likes to get together and drink from time to time. Last night a group of Rorschach Company Members, Board Members and Artistic Directors got together at Tonic in Mount Pleasant for drinks and conversation.

We met around 7pm and began to experience the winter warmth that comes from friendship, draft beer and tater tots. While some business was discussed most of the evening was dedicated to old friends chatting and busting balls.

I have been very cryptic as to what we will be doing in the near future and hopefully I will be able to share our plans in short order, but last night was just a sweet chance to share an evening with folks who have one thing in common a love and dedication to making Rorschach grow and thrive.

And to the folks who came to Tonic to watch the State of the Union last night, what is that about? I know it helps to be sloshed when watching a political speech but does watching the State of the Union in a bar somehow make it better?

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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty amped to find out what's up with rorschach..."skin of our teeth" is my very favorite play, and i'm so looking forward to seeing ya'll put it on...let us know soon so i can guilt all my friends in to going with me to see it!