Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fumor? I don't even know her!

Rorschach gets a Patron Saint.

A soliciatation letter sent to Rorschach Patrons at the end of 2007, has garnered an unexpected response, we have been granted our own Patron Saint by the Catholic Church.

4th Century Bible Translator and lion tamer, Saint Jerome has been named Rorschach's Official Saint by Pope Benedict XVI.

"There seems to be some kind of confusion here," says Rorschach Press Guru Scott McCormick.

"We sent the solicitation letter to a number of our patrons and some how a copy made it into the hands of the Pope. Long story short, him being a native speaker of German and a skimmer by nature from what I understand, he only saw the word Patron and assumed we were looking for a Patron Saint instead of cash. Don't get me wrong having a Patron Saint is cool and all but we could have done with the cash."

St. Jerome, is one of the church's most revered scholars and his work translating the New Testament from Greek to the much classier and easier to understand Latin, was a bold step forward during the 4th Century.

Rorschach joins Jerome's other patronages; archeologists, archivists, Bible scholars, librarians, libraries, schoolchildren, students, translators and flamboyant choreographers.

Thanks Pope!

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