Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday's Summer Scavenger Hunt

There are many days when there is no new news to report here on the blog.

In the past this has led to such features as the Rorschach Word Search, Arghs and Crafts, and the blog entry I wrote from the future In the Year 2056.

Today I take a different tack. I will list ten things that I would like someone to send me and see if any of them come to me:

1. A match book from Jaleo.
2. A program from God of Vengeance (my first show for Rorschach) Copy is acceptable.
3. A blue drink umbrella.
4. A needle and thread.
5. A pen with pink ink.
6. A map of downtown Paris in French.
7. A guide book to any of the Smithsonian Museums in a language other than English.
8. A hermit crab shell with the Batman Logo painted on it.
9. Three words that rhyme with Satchmo.
10. A photo of Big Foot.

If you want to just take a picture of the item and email it to me send it here. If you want to mail it send me an email and I will send you my mailing address. Good luck, there is no prize, I just want to understand the power of the internet better.


Thehairyape said...

Sonny Bono

all rhyme with Satchmo

as does Batman Logo

Anonymous said...

Jaleo has little boxes of matches, not really matchbooks, and i TOTALLY have one in my purse right now. entirely random.

DCepticon said...

Thank you both for ringing in.