Thursday, August 02, 2007

Season End Review: New Faces Part II

Couple of things before I round out the New Faces of Rorschach Review.

The Rorschach Web site has been updated and now has information on all of Season 8. Including information on our rediculously cheap subscriptions. Follow this link and find out what $75 can get you. If you are a student or a senior you get a whole season for just $55. That is cheaper than some of the seats at Studio or Areana or Shakespeare for just one show. Check it out.

Rorschach now has a Myspace Page. Like every other 14 year old girl and hipster in the world we are adding friends left and right. So if you are into that kind of thing and I know many of you are because you are already friends on my own Myspace account, consider giving us an add. The place is still under development but check out the slide show and Tom Waits song I put up. I am so giddy it hurts some times.

Onward! References . . . was sort of our vet heavy show of the season, with only one new performer gracing our stage. But what a find she was! Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey. Look at that sexy woman above. She was a find and a half. Seriously it was good to have some fresh blood in a cast of war weary Rorschach vets.

Conversely, birds was one vet and a lot of new blood. Timmy Getman was surrounded by some fantastic performers in birds.

We were very lucky to get the dynamic duo of Brian Hemmingsen and Nanna Ingvarsson to join us for the summer. There are very few folks who bring as much talent and experience to a show as these two. I don't want to make them sound old, that is the tendancy when you are talking about people who you respect and admire, but they are pros and we are lucky to have had them in our sand box this year.

Joining them were Marissa Molnar and Jjana Valentiner. Not exactly rookies but they are just the kind of artists and performers we love to have up on our stage. Folks willing to take risks. Who are fierce in the way they perform and who know something about hard work and sacrafice.

I am going to be trying to do a show count for everyone who has performed in a Rorschach show very soon. But tomorrow a quick look at the designers and directors who made this year so special.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the nod in the last post. Seriously it has been a pleasure to work with a company so open to working with new people and one that has a talent pool as experienced as Rorschach.

Can't wait to be able to add my name to the alumni list of working there multiple times.


PS. Scott McCormick rules...he pays me to say that on various blogs